Friday, May 27, 2005

Godwafer..... No, really.

Godwafer….. No, really.

Original music is a funny thing, if you think about it. Most so-called original bands can be easily put into any number of pre-existing categories, being more similar to their genre-mates than they are different. Most bands are still doing variations on the same 50-year-old rock and roll script, whether they know it or not. Now and then, however, you run into an individual band that puts a spin on original rock and roll that you just can’t remember ever seeing before, and, as you stand there watching them through a glaze of too many drinks and a mile of Marlboros, you become a fan. Such was my experience with Godwafer at the Abbey Pub on May 21, 2005. I can say honestly that I have never seen such a band. Their sound is rock and funk-based, with a healthy dose of Zappa-esque out-there-ness in the lyrical department. They perform dressed in biblical/religious costumes (the men in long hair, beards, and robes, the females as an angel and a devil) which they walk into the bar wearing. Their show is dramatic, theatrical, and thought out and involves bullhorns, visual aides, and songs with titles like “Stinky, Sloppy, Sweaty, Stupid Drunk”, “Smurf Without A Mom”, and “I Get High”. Through it all, they cling tightly to their concept and stand and deliver, and that is what makes it work. They are completely committed to their version of rock as theater and, as a result, were one of the most memorable and entertaining bands I have seen in many a moon. Their show is probably not for the musically or politically conservative out there, but anyone who actually remembers what rock and roll is all about should do just fine. For pictures and more info, go to


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