Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Welcome to Scene And Heard!

Hi everyone. Welcome to the first installment of Scene and Heard, which is, of course, my blog, but is also the title of a new column I will be writing for www.Chicagomusicguide.com . The column and the blog will meet and drift apart and will have no real bearing on each other, save for both being filled with my views, gripes, kudos, opinions, and blathering on about Chicago music and the music world at large. I have been a guitarist for 30 years and have been writing about and reviewing local and national musicians since 1997. You can see my work in print in the Illinois Entertainer (www.illinoisentertainer.com) and online at www.Chicagogigs.com, www.Chicagomusicguide.com, and www.Midwestjambands.com . If you are interested in being reviewed/featured in Scene and Heard or have info about something to pass along, you can email me at mocull@chicagomusicguide.com. Thanks for checking out this page and staying on the Scene!


Blogger xboxtochina said...

yes, you do seem like a nice man, but what about punk rock. dont worry brother i lost faith in the bastions of rock a long time ago. fat old white men chomping on cigars that look more like big brown cocks talking about the good ol' days of old blue eyes and telling nu-metal bands "Dont worry kid just where these here shoes here and im gonna make you a star" This are people who still use bicarbonate of soda to cure gastrointestinal ills. if we just rid the world of bicarbonate of soda then perhaps music lovers can eat their way out of this tumor like coma they have been in and here REAL music. thanks alot

post script. i like ladies wit a fat azz. all the sistas in the house holla.

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